Building Community, Changing Lives

The Takoma Foundation raises funds to advance the social, environmental, economic, educational and cultural interests of the greater Takoma Park community. We focus our grant-giving on projects that empower individuals, break down barriers, build connections between people and expand community capacity.

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Our Response to the Death of George Floyd and Racial Injustice

We are filled with sorrow and frustration as we reflect on the death of George Floyd. We recognize how it enables terrible and violent action toward black people and other people of color across the country and here in Greater Takoma.

Injustice in the United States is not new. Until we address systemic racism and demand respect for all humans’ rights, injustice will remain.

The Takoma Foundation believes everyone has the right to equal access to justice and, as we continue our work to promote the social, environmental, economic, educational, and cultural interests of our neighborhoods, we are committed to eradicating racism and injustice in our community.

While racism exists throughout the country and in all levels of society, the solution starts in our own community. We can make changes here that have meaning and make a difference. We understand that change begins with us. We know that to succeed, we must combat racism and injustice at every level—from the personal to the organizational and beyond, to our society and our nation.

We believe all the people of Greater Takoma, and the United States, and the World, should be able to safely express their rights and ambitions without fear of persecution or violence.

We appeal for moral leadership that will honestly address the root causes of racism and we call on leaders across the United States—federal, state, and local—to dismantle the structural racism that persists in our society.

We must be better and do better. We thank you for your support.

Grantee Spotlight

Teen Community Garden

The Foundation takes pride in awarding “seed money” to start-up groups. But what about money to buy seeds? In 2011 we gave a grant that helped establish a hands-on garden for kids on the grounds of City Hall. Manure-based compost replaced fill dirt. Pole beans climbed up railings. Cherry tomatoes thrived as everyone’s favorite. Years later the garden’s success continues. Children learn where food comes from and the extra bounty goes to people in need. Among the Garden Crew’s all-star cast were former Azalea Award winners Cherwanda Oliver, Annie Mozer, Vineda Myers, Cindy Dyballa and the late Kay Daniels-Cohen (pictured above), who had the vision and made it happen.

Awards Spotlight

2020 Azalea Awards Results

The Takoma Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 Azalea Awards, who were recently honored at a special event at Historic Takoma. They found a variety of creative and meaningful ways to make a difference for their fellow neighbors. Thanks to all who played a part in the Azaleas this year—the Azalea Awards Committee, the nominees, and of course to the voters. Click the link below to view the nominees and winners.

Event Spotlight

Beerfest XI…Good Times for All

Takoma’s Favorite Night Out truly did “Go to 11” this year! Feedback from attendees, vendors, and everyone else in between was resoundingly positive. Thanks to all who participated—we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event.