Our Mission

How does a diverse community become united? Takoma Park has all kinds of people. We have people of different races, nationalities, religious beliefs, immigration status, levels of wealth, sexual preference, and cultural backgrounds. With all this diversity it can be hard to see what makes us one community. What is it that binds all this diversity together, other than that we live close to each other?

We build unity through active and cooperative engagement with each other. And we do that best when we work together to ensure that everyone in our midst has a fair and equal opportunity to develop and share their own unique creative talents in an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness and acceptance. The mission of the Takoma Foundation is to raise funds and make grants that promote and facilitate a strong and healthy community. 

To do this, we need to empower all of our residents to be able to participate in community life. The Takoma Foundation has focused and extended its grant-giving to projects that empower individuals, break down barriers, build connections between people and grow community capacity. In particular we have made an attempt to target small locally based projects that benefit low and moderate income residents.