2019 Fall Grants Portfolio

The Takoma Foundation is proud to announce our new Fall 2019 portfolio. A total of 6 projects will receive more than $14,000 in funding for a wide variety of youth and community driven programs. We fund projects and programs that emphasize the importance of not only supporting our youth but in understanding and championing their talents and opinions. These are mission-driven projects that help accomplish goals on a local level. The individuals they serve represent Greater Takoma—including nearby Silver Spring and Takoma DC.

Project Grant

Funds that are intended to support a specific program, initiative, or other effort an organization runs or sponsors.

Community Bridges, Inc.

Project Name After School Girls Program

A weekly after-school mentoring program for girls at Takoma Park Middle School and Blair High School. Activities and discussions focus on topics such as healthy relationships, cultural awareness and leadership and goal setting. In addition, Community Bridges will offer projects teaching and using technology skills.

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

Project Name Takoma Write Night

A combined effort of returning volunteers and new recruits will help Free Minds Takoma to create our bi-monthly “Write Night” designed to create a bridge of understanding between Takoma Park area residents and youth incarcerated in DC jails and federal prison. Write Night “Poet Ambassadors” (youth and adults recently released from custody) read poetry aloud to the volunteer audience. After the performance, volunteers read poems and send comments and encouragement.

Maple Tree Group

Project Name Parent Engagement and Fitness Program

Workshops that will engage professional speakers from the community with experience in positive discipline and cultural adaptation issues as it works to connect and support parents from Lunch & Learn. Fitness will be led by a professional instructor once a week at a convenient time for our targeted participants, including free group childcare provision for mothers who participate.

Takoma Park Elementary School PTA

Project Name Young Scholars Programs

Programs that will focus students on success by providing academic and social support, creating a positive association with school, and building students’ confidence in their ability to succeed. The relaxed setting with teachers students know and trust will help them develop strong, positive relationships with their school and academic material, as well as a stronger support system.

Specifically, the TPES Young Scholars instructors will strive to meet the needs of English Language Learners and students with special needs and students will see and hear more overlap between the academic language from the classroom setting and in the Young Scholars to increase familiarization with key vocabulary when they hear it.

Zenith Community Arts Foundation

Project Name After School Arts Program

A hands-on workshop with second grade students at TEC that will focus on tactile media and color knowledge, working between natural, typical art supplies, and found materials. Students will draw, paint, and sculpt, and in the spring semester, students will make their own illustrated books. They will be guided to share materials, encouraged to talk about their art, and learn constructive responses to art.