Operational Support Grant Application

Due: 5pm, Monday, October 26, 2020

Please use the form below to submit your application. This form must be filled in and submitted in one session (i.e., progress can not be saved for completion at a later time). As such, it is best to review the questions and prepare your answers and attachments ahead of time.

Alternatively, you may submit your application using the downloadable PDF provided on this page.

Guidelines Addendum

In light of the ongoing challenges the Covid-19 pandemic presents as well as a newly-invigorated push for racial and social justice, the Takoma Foundation is focusing its current grants cycle solely on the support of smaller organizations working toward social justice in our community. With the intent of bolstering nonprofits fitting this profile, we will:

  • Limit this cycle’s funding to operational support grants, which are intended to help organizations function more effectively on the whole rather than supporting any single program or effort, and
  • Raise the maximum request amount to $5,000.

Organization Information

Organizations must either have current 501(c)3 status or utilize a fiscal agent/sponsor with current 501(c)3 status to qualify for grants from the Takoma Foundation. If your organization has 501(c)3 status, please attach a PDF of your IRS Letter of Determination here. Otherwise, provide information on your organization’s financial structure and fiscal agent in the next section.
For those organizations without 501c(3) status and can qualify via a fiscal agent/sponsor with 501c(3) status, please provide the name of your fiscal agent and explain how your group operates financially.

Contact Information

Operational Support

Currently the range awarded is $250 to $5,000 (enter numbers only)

Supporting Details

Summarize your organization’s purpose, what makes its services unique, and how it collaborates with other local organizations and agencies.
Summarize your major program(s) promoting social justice in the greater Takoma Park Community and the unmet needs they seek to address.
How will your work benefit the residents of the Takoma Foundation’s Priority neighborhoods (City of Takoma Park, East Silver Spring, Takoma Langley, Long Branch, Takoma DC)? Indicate which, if any, of your programs target underrepresented, underserved and/or youth populations.
Explain how this grant would impact your organization and strengthen its ability to deliver on the work plan and community benefit described above.
Provide an annual organizational budget describing revenue and expenses. For the purpose of this application, support may be financial or in-kind, such as volunteer hours that community members have pledged to the project or donations of goods or services from a sponsor or supporter. Note: When considering operating support requests, the Takoma Foundation prioritizes those of organizations with an annual operating budget of $100,000 or less.
How will you measure the success of the organizational activities supported by this grant? Describe how results will be reported to the Takoma Foundation.
Please attach any other supporting documentation here. Acceptable file types include MS Word and Powerpoint, PDF, images, and plain text (archive [zip] files not accepted). A maximum of 20 files may be attached, with no file size greater than 5mb, and total of all file sizes less than 20mb.
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