Young Activists Make Small Grant Go A LOOONG Way!

yac-councilThe Takoma Foundation supported the Young Activist Club with a small grant to help with its anti-polystyrene campaign. They RAN with it!

The group's original grant proposal said that the project would be successful if the group engaged at least 5 middle schoolers, secure pledges from 25 businesses to go polystyrene free, produced at least one video, create a new website that serves as a clearinghouse for information on the problems with polystyrene and how communities are addressing these problems, and raise awareness among the community about the dangers of polystyrene use through dissemination of 2,000 bookmarks.


yac-bookmarkDid they ever! By the end of 2012, the group had 8 middle school members, secured pledges from 26 businesses to go polystyrene-free, produced one documentary on the Club, and disseminated hundreds of bookmarks.

The new web site, while not yet launched, is well under way. In addition, the club convinced Montgomery County to pass a resolution encouraging elimination of polystyrene for food service ware in County cafeterias; has been featured on the front page of the Washington Post’s Metro section; and was invited to include its campaign on the web site of Trashed, the new movie featuring Jeremy Irons.