Each spring, through Takoma Foundation’s annual Azalea Awards, we bestow special recognition upon individuals and groups in Greater Takoma who go above and beyond. To identify those who stand out the most, we depend on your participation in the process and invite you to forward your nomination(s) between now and midnight, Saturday, January 25th to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Shortly after nominations are reviewed, a ballot will be made available on this site to collect votes from the general public.

This year’s awards will be presented at Historic Takoma on Sunday, February 23rd, 2–4pm.

Nomination Guide

Nominations should

  • be for people and/or groups residing in the City of Takoma Park or its adjacent neighborhoods,
  • be for people and/or groups who have not won in any category within the past four years (see listing below),
  • be 3–4 sentences in length and clearly describe why the person/group is noteworthy (please provide at least one example),
  • include the nominee’s email address and/or phone number,
  • include only accurate information about the nominee, and, most importantly
  • have the consent of the nominee who is to be placed on the ballot 

Note: We may edit your submission for brevity and general consistency.

Categories and Criteria

Award Category Criteria
Mentor Inspires children to aim high
Educator School staffer who makes a difference
School Activist A parent who brings the best to our schools
Arts Leader Contributes to a dynamic arts community
Coach Keeps sports vibrant and accessible
Business Leader Promotes progressive spirit through local commerce
Green Activist Turns environmental ideals into achievements
Neighborhood Volunteer “Walks the walk” to make a great neighborhood even better
Spirit Reflects local character with panache
Tak-tivist Commits to civic leadership, year in, year out
City Employee Provides outstanding community service


Ineligible (Previous Winners 2016–2019)

  • Anderson, Kristina
  • Baez, Adrian
  • Baker, Brian
  • Balch, Christie
  • Buraimoh, Margaret
  • Burbank, Dave
  • Cantrell, Stacy
  • Carter, Theodore
  • Casey, Mike
  • Choe, Mark
  • Doley, Depeswar
  • Duarte, Doris
  • Dyballa, Cindy
  • Edwards, Yvonne
  • Egan, Tara
  • Gau, Victoria
  • Goehring, Bryan
  • Goldstein, Lia
  • Graham, Busy
  • Hardy, Eric
  • Hayes, Kristen
  • Herman, Gene
  • Hill, Lori
  • Ikle-Khalsa, ​Sat Jiwan
  • Illman, Nancy
  • Jones, Denise
  • Kedei, Noemi
  • Keller, Jay
  • Kennedy, Peggy
  • Lane, Rebecca
  • Mack, Kathie
  • Martinez, Carmen
  • Moreno, Ray
  • Mozer, Annie
  • Ossi, Carol
  • Partan, Andrew
  • Partan, Katya
  • Pasquale, Holly
  • Piazza, Allyson
  • Robinette, John
  • Rodgers, Doris
  • Rumbaugh, Pat
  • Russell, Alison
  • Sabbath, Shana
  • Saul, Eric
  • Tanner, Alfreda
  • The Last Plastic Straw
  • Unity in the Community
  • Village of Takoma Park
  • Wells, Danny
  • Welsh, Mike
  • Yamashita, Roxanne
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