What is the best way to get to Beerfest?

If you are beyond walking distance, public transportation will be your best bet. The Takoma Metro is a mere block from the event site. Grabbing a cab, or booking Uber or Lyft for a ride are also convenient options. The Main Street Takoma website is a good resource for information on parking and public transportation in and around the city.

Can I bring my kids?

Beerfest is a 21 and over event. We make exceptions for infants and babies in slings, carriers or strollers, but please, no free-range children. Go in with a group, hire some teenagers to watch a gaggle of kids together, and enjoy your evening out. There are both liquor license and safety issues to consider with those under the legal drinking age.

Can I bring my dog?

No, but exceptions are made for service dogs.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Yes. Tickets are available for $50 at the event, as long as space allows.

Are ticket discounts being offered?

Yes. Tickets purchased ahead of time through our website or participating restaurants/retailers (Fenwick Beer & Wine, Olive Lounge, Takoma Beverage Company, or Tabletop) will be sold at a discounted rate of $45 per ticket. Tickets for non-drinking participants are also being made available at the gate for $30.

Are Beerfest T shirts being sold this year?

Yes! You can place your order online through September 27.

Can I use my own cup?

No. The souvenir cups provided upon check in are the only cups brewers will fill. They will get you a modest pour at any of the brewer tables. This helps in keeping lines moving quickly and allowing everyone the chance to sample a greater range of the provided varieties.

What if I don’t drink?

You can purchase a “designated driver” ticket at the gate for $30. There will be a variety of non-alcoholic beverages and delicious food donated by our participating brewers and restaurants for you to enjoy. If you’re feeling generous, please consider paying up to full price—any additional funds will go toward helping local community organizations.

What else is there to do at Beerfest?

Bold Deceivers—our headline entertainment—will keep you tapping your feet all night. There will be about 500 other fest-goers to mingle with while enjoying our grillmasters’ brats and delicious food prepared by a variety of local restaurants.

Is food included in the ticket price? 

Yes. All evening long there will be an ever-changing buffet of tasty snacks from some of your favorite local restaurants. Plus, it wouldn’t be Beerfest without our signature brats on the grill—both traditional and vegetarian.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes. Three luxurious Jiffy Johns will be available on site, including a handicapped accessible one.

You mentioned accessibility? Tell me more.

All the brewer stations and the grill can be accessed from a paved, circular driveway. There is some moderate off-roading over a small curb and pretty well-manicured lawn to get to some of the food and seated table areas. And the accessible Jiffy John.

If I already bought a ticket, do I need to bring cash for anything?

All your food and drink is included with your ticket. You may want to bring cash to fill the tip jars of our talented local musicians who are performing for free to support the Takoma Foundation.

Does the event really end at 8? Come on, the night is young!

Yes. It is an outdoor event and except for ambient light from the house and some twinkly holiday lights, it gets pretty dark back there after sundown. Also, our liquor license is for a designated time. Last call will be at 7:30, and we ask that you leave the grounds at 8. If you want to stay after 8pm, we welcome your help folding and stacking tables and chairs, but the food and drink will be put away. Want to continue your evening out? Please visit any of our generous supporting restaurants for a snack or a nightcap on your way back “through town.” 

I have a restaurant/brewery/catering business. Is it too late to get involved? 

Maybe for this year, definitely not too late for next year. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ASAP and we will see if we can make something happen.

Do you need volunteer help? 

Always. Want to get in at the organizing level for next year? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Where does the money raised by the event go?

Each year, Beerfest raises nearly $20,000, which is then given out to local community organizations through the Takoma Foundation’s Spring and Fall grant cycles.

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